Credit: Oliver Roper

Credit: Oliver Roper

We are thrilled to present Melting Point, an evening of sonic exploration happening in conversation with Matt Connors’ upcoming exhibition at the Goldsmiths CCA. Join us on Thursday March 14th, from 5-9pm for performances by James Creed, Mosquito Farm, Mathew Follis, Zhao Jiajing.

Finding Aid is Connors’ first UK institutional exhibition and is conceived as an invitation to create a spatial manifestation of a broad network of relationships, staging his works in dialogue with other artists and designers. Melting Point seeks to temporarily expand this network, inviting sonic artists to respond to the exhibition and the CCA’s Victorian architecture. Expect free improvisation, granular synths, experimental notation, object theatre and more.

Melting Point is co-curated by Sophie Huijbregts, Errol Youngerman and Wenqiu Zhang.

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James M. Creed is a composer and guitarist based in Leeds, UK. His music works with simple materials, even simpler processes, clowning, play, and the affordances of experimental notations. More generally, his music also tends to be quiet and slow, without the need for much rehearsal or training.

Mosquito Farm is a performance and musical collaboration between Maddie Banwell and Grace Black. Collections of mechanical and electrical components become instruments; extraction vents, powdered milk and ping pong balls create percussion and drone. In the performances the two artists switch between both technicians and musicians, building sonic textures with an orchestra of automated and manually played devices.

Mathew Follis is a contemporary jazz and improvising guitarist working based out of South East London. Predominantly performing in small format jazz ensembles, Follis has developed an improvisatory style that mixes various element of post 1970s jazz stylings from the UK, USA, and Scandinavia alongside free improvisation and subtle use of effects processors. As a current postgraduate student (Music Performance and Related Studies), Follis leans his improvisatory musical nature the same way in his research, focusing on avenues regarding ensemble performance as ecological/cybernetic systems and the nature of transcendence within improvised music performance.

Zhao Jiajing is a sonic world architect, and cross-disciplinary artist based in London. In 2022 he graduated from the Royal College of Art with a degree in Information Experience Design – Sound Design. Spanning spatial sound design, composition, installation, and new media, Zhao Jiajing’s body of work delves into contemporary crises surrounding time, existence, and data. Zhao Jiajing approaches sound as spatial-temporal portals leading toward many possible worlds. Leveraging extensive field recordings, sound collage, and granular synthesis techniques, he curates sonic experiences that usher into cross-sensory worldcraft. Zhao Jiajing’s practice embraces the aesthetics of chaos and indeterminacy. He employs diverse generative techniques that grant autonomy to his artistic creations.

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