Poetics of Sound

Join Corey Hayman and CCA’s curator Natasha Hoare in an informal discussion of the concepts and preoccupations that inform Hayman’s practice, and her new installation at the CCA, Plastic Sounds of Dark Matter.

Corey Hayman (b. 1990, Coventry) is a multidisciplinary artist based in London. Her current practice formulates connections between multifarious material to explore the matrix of afro-pessimism, the ‘hauntology of blackness’, progress and capitalism; culminating in an examination of the problematics which arise at the cross between representation and commodity structures.

Corey Hayman is presented as part of Episodes, an ongoing series of solo presentations that cuts through the main programming at Goldsmiths CCA and provides a counterpoint to the larger-scale exhibitions. Spanning installations, screenings, discursive events and new commissions, the focus of this programme is to provide an experimental platform for emergent practices. The series has featured presentations by Oisín Byrne, Adam Christensen, and continues with Roland Carline (16 Nov 2019 – 12 Jan 2020).