Still from, Kara Chin, Inaugurare, 2023. Courtesy the artist and Vitrine, London.

Still from, Kara Chin, Inaugurare, 2023. Courtesy the artist and Vitrine, London.

Join us for the opening of Episode 10: Kara Chin, Concerned Dogs.

Deploying the aesthetics of apocalyptic and disaster movies, Kara Chin’s new installation situates the viewer somewhere between the cinema screen and audience, caught in the light of the projector beam. Each element contributes to a state of unease, corresponding to the pervasive anxiety felt in contemporary life in the face of existential threat.

The work springs from Chin’s ongoing interest in mythologies proliferated by cinema, which bypass conscious thought and provide a subliminal framework of how to act.

No booking required. All welcome!

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Chin (b. 1994) has exhibited internationally at galleries and museums including: Humber Street Gallery, Hull, UK; The 8th International Triennial of Art and Ecology, Maribor, SI; BALTIC39, Newcastle, UK; South London Gallery, London, UK; ADM Gallery, Singapore; DKUK, London, UK; Gallery North, Newcastle, UK; Hatch, Paris, FR; CBS Gallery, Liverpool, UK; Tuesday to Friday, Valencia, ES; Science Museum, London, UK; APT Gallery, London, UK; Fieldworks, London, UK; Quench, Margate, UK; VITRINE, London, UK; VITRINE, Basel, UK; VITRINE, Digital; The Embassy Tea Gallery, London, UK;  Subsidiary Projects, London, UK; Pineapple Black, Middlesbrough, UK; The Milton Gallery, London, UK; UCL Art Museum, London, UK; San Mei Gallery, London, UK; IMT Gallery, London, UK; Fold, London, UK; The Pallent House Gallery, London, UK; Off Site Project, Online; Huxley Parlour, London, UK.

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