Contagions of Affect

Join Dr Diana Omigie, Goldsmiths Lecturer in Psychology for a tour of the Tony Cokes exhibition, one in which the affective qualities of the scores of his videos are explored from a neuroscientific perspective. Omigie’s research aims to refine our understanding of the cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying music-induced emotion and pleasure. She uses a combination of methods to examine the extent to which salient changes in musical structure induces pleasurable arousal and information-seeking behaviour. She is also interested in the physiological and neural correlates of more complex emotional states driven by engagement with music as an art form.


Dr Diana Omigie is a cognitive neuroscientist and member of the Music, Mind and Brain research group at Goldsmiths where she co-directs the MSc programme in Music, Mind and Brain with Daniel Müllensiefen. Her research interests revolve around the behavioural, physiological and neural correlates of music-induced emotions and the aesthetic experience.