In what will be Estonian artist Kris Lemsalu’s first solo exhibition in London, the artist presents new works across the top floor of the gallery. Lemsalu’s sculptural installations are assembled from a palette of seemingly visceral materials including porcelain, animal parts and pelts, fur, wool, leather, fabric and shells, alongside bought and found objects. Often performing within her works by inhabiting sculptures as costumes, she plays with the line between human, creature and object. Through her specific style of humorous and absurd storytelling, Lemsalu poses earnest questions about the hierarchies we set up between life and death, beauty and revulsion, merit and mediocrity.

Kris Lemsalu was born in 1985 in Tallinn, Estonia, and lives and works between Vienna and Tallin. She creates mixed-media sculptures, installations and performances with unexpected materials. Lemsalu’s pieces evoke the bestial side of human beings and civilizations, and are often underscored by feminist themes. Lemsalu has shown as part of Performa 17 (2017), DRAF performance night (2017), Bunshitu Gallery, Tokyo (2015), Ferdinand Bauman Gallery, Prague (2015) and is represented by Koppe Astner, Glasgow and Temnikova & Kasela, Tallinn. Lemsalu will represent Estonia at the Venice Biennale 2019.

Bundeskanzleramt Österreich.
The Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center and Estonia 100 as part of the Republic of Estonia Centenary celebrations.
Austrian Cultural Forum.
Temnikova & Kasela.
Koppe Astner.