Commissioning Circle

Commissioning Circle Patrons are invited to learn about the CCA’s commissioning process and have the opportunity to meet artists, both established and emergent, as they are produce new works for the CCA.

Commissioning Circle Patrons enjoy all of the benefits of CCA Patrons as well as:

-An invitation to an annual event to learn more about the forthcoming CCA commissioning programme
-Opportunities to meet commissioned artists at a lunch during production/installation
-Invitations to visit private collections
-Complimentary copies of all CCA publications
-Acknowledgement of your support on the CCA Donor Board

For further information, contact:
Stacey Ogg
Head of Fundraising
T: +44 208 228 5759
E: s.ogg@gold.ac.uk

US tax payers are welcome to support via the British Schools and Universities Foundation Inc. a non-profit educational, scientific and literary foundation. This foundation is tax-exempt. Contributions to it are deductible for Federal income tax purposes.

CCA Patronage, Commissioning Circle and Director’s Circle membership is split between a voluntary suggested donation and a minimum annual payment for benefits offered, inclusive of VAT. The split is Patron £300 for benefits and a £1,700 suggested donation: Commissioning Circle is £520 for benefits and £4,480 suggested donation: Director’s Circle is £800 for benefits and a £9,200 suggested donation. Benefits can be purchased at the minimum price, and any amounts given over and above this minimum price are given freely as a donation. If eligibility requirements are met, the donation amount will qualify for Gift Aid and Goldsmiths will submit appropriate claims to HMRC.

In the spirit of philanthropy, all CCA Patrons, Commissioning Circle and Director’s Circle members are strongly encouraged to make an annual donation equal to, or greater than the suggested donation amount in addition to the benefit payment.

Image: Adam Christensen © Mark Blower